How you can get a NEW Fall wardrobe for less money

While I still love every moment of late summer, I’m looking forward to fall.  The leaves changing colors, the cool breeze, and for the new clothes to choose from in my closet. I say “new” because they are not the same sundresses and skirts I have worn for the last few months.  Not everything is new.  I use what I have and add a couple of new pieces. I try and stick to timeless pieces so I can wear them for many years to come.  If I want to hop on a trend I tend to go for a more low-cost options to “get the look”. Instead of saying goodbye to my dresses and skirts I can layer them with leggings/tights and a cute jacket on top. The shape and silhouette for autumn this season is a little girly!  I have to admit I like a ruffle.  It adds a feminine touch to more androgynous Fall styles.  The silhouette pairs gracefully with cropped jeans and a leather moto jacket or a long wool camel coat. A motorcycle jacket never goes out of style and this season it is on trend, too.
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Fall Capsule Favorties 2017


Fall Capsule Favorties 2017


 Every season I go through my closet and pare down my wardrobe in order to make room for a couple of new pieces.  I make 2 piles.  One is give away and one is sell.  Listing and selling doesn’t take long thanks to a few awesome apps that make listing and selling your used goods a cinch! I have to admit, once I list all of my items I then feel justified enough to start shopping again…at least a little bit.
You can find a list of buy/sell apps here.
Here are some more apps to sell…and buy


The best thing about SnobSwap is its swap feature, in case you couldn’t tell from the name. Rather than buying or selling, you’re able to just trade one item for another. Swapping not your thing? You can still buy and sell traditionally—and even bargain with the seller to knock a little off the price.


Every 49 seconds an item on Vinted is sold. So declutter your closet and earn easy cash. Upload video and pics from your phone, describe the item, and you’re all set.

*My personal faves are The Real Real for designer items and Poshmark for everything else including my daughter’s clothes.

Listing and selling tips:

If you have a lot of items- use a model or a dress form.  It makes your clothes look more appealing.  You can get a cheap dress-form as a hanger here.

Simplify your background & use natural light – photograph your clothes on a plain background.  Find a blank wall in a room with enough light to show the natural color of the item.
Use the in app camera – you can import photos but if you’re photographing with your phone you might as well use the in app camera.  It’s not that bad & has a pretty good auto adjust if you tap the screen.  It’s pretty easy to set up a single piece of clothing, photograph it, & move through the listing process with out having to do too many steps.
Be descriptive & use hashtags – The app actually encourages hashtags in the description.  When you create a title and describe your item be sure to use descriptive words that make sense.  You should ask yourself, ‘What would someone search to find this product?” That should be your title. Describe any imperfections as well.
List the way the item fits – If you have something where the tag says L but it fits you more like a medium, list it as the tag size but add in the description the way the item actually fits. Since buyers cannot feel or see the piece in person they are more apt to buy it if it is fully described.  They are more confident in the purchase if the item is described in detail.
List with reasonable prices –  No one will pay full price for something you’ve had for 3 years in your closet.  I see this as a way to unload my unwanted things so I’m not looking for top dollar here.  You’ll make a little bit of cash but don’t expect too much.  People will also try to make you offers – accept them if you want to – but don’t list things too high.  I’ve also found that listing things a little too high might sell them but then you have more room to list them for cheaper once they’ve been favorited.  Sometimes buyers will favorite then sweep in when you lower the price.  It’s a fun game to play!!
Do you sell your clothes to make room for new items?  Please comment and share!






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