9 crazy chic DIY projects to add life to your life

Chic DIY lifestyle design is always a favorite.  These simple and easy design projects will not cost you a lot and with a little creativity and gumption you can liven up your home and your personal style. Right now I am crushing on a few DIY tutorials from these talented bloggers.  Raise up your style game and dive in to one of these projects today!

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Dip Dyed Basket

Source: Brittany Makes

You could dip dye any size basket.  How about mini baskets for make up or brushes?  Or a catch-all basket at the front door for a dog leash and tennis ball just in case play time with Fido strikes!

DIY Beaded Rose Necklace Pendant

Source: Fab Art Diy

You can put the flower on a chain of wooden beads to add that touch of Summer to your new creation!


Source: The Sorry Girls

How cool would this table look hanging next to you in bed?

DIY ombre tights

Source: M&J Trimming

These tights are a perfect Fall fashion statement when the weather turns.  Don’t forget to throw them in the washer alone, and wash it on the cold cycle. Voila – you should have a new piece of clothing with a gorgeous gradient!

DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light

Source: New Blooming

This super charming pendant lamp lends a quirky pop of color to a boho mod living room or a child’s bedroom.

Sequin Hat DIY

Source: Trinkets in bloom

You’re ready to hit up the beach (or pool) with this floppy sun hat!  The only hard part is deciding what saying to put on your new hat!

DIY Pyramid Wrist Bag


Source: A splendid assemblage

Finally!  The perfect-chic-all season ‘going out’ purse AND you can make it yourself!

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Source: Polka Dot Chair

Get yourself started on all of your new DIY adventures with this all-in-one sewing kit.  Have ALOT of spools, pins and sewing gadgets get this HUGE mason jar to do the project with!  These also make a totally useful cool gift for that special DIY’er!

Magnetic Container Terrarium


Source: Inhabit

Its a good idea is to surround yourself with nature, especially indoors – where we spend a lot of our time.  You can make this easy air plant terrarium to add a little spark of life to your environment!

What is your favorite thing about a DIY projects?  Comment and share with us!












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      I’m so glad you liked them! The necklace would look so pretty if you hung it from a velvet ribbon for a more Fall/Winter look, right?

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